The Neuro Spinal Center has been delivering quality holistic care to the shoreline area for more than 30 years. Our highly qualified doctors and staff are available for consultation and treatment of many types of illness and injuries. We are dedicated to pain relief.  Here are just a few of the problems that we, at the Neuro Spinal Center have experience in treating with chiropractic services.  Call us for an appointment if you or someone you know is suffering from any of the following ailments:


Arthritis pain can be uncomfortable for a lot of people as it causes irritation and discomfort in your joints. Caused by inflammation, arthritis can set in at different parts of your body. Each patient’s case of arthritis is different, so the more details you can provide about your condition, the better.

With over 100 forms of arthritis, causes of arthritis stem from any number of problems. If you’re finding problems like pain, stiffness, and redness in certain parts of your body it may be time to consult the expertise of one of our highly skilled chiropractors at Neuro Spinal Center.

Treatment of arthritis
will vary upon the type of arthritis you are diagnosed with, where it’s located, and how severe the pain is. Discuss with a doctor a treatment plan that is best suited to your specific situation. Different methods of treatment may be used such as manipulation, physical therapy, massage therapy, or refer to other medical providers.

Make sure to be prepared with answers to questions like:

  • How long have symptoms been occurring?
  • How severe are the symptoms?
  • How often are your symptoms occurring?
  • Pay close attention to any bouts of pain or discomfort.

Automobile Injuries

Automobile related injuries can be difficult for some people to recover from. Injuries range from minor stiffness to broken bones to more serious medical injuries that may need to be evaluated by a chiropractor.

Automobile injuries can cause serious injury to any part of your body including some of the more common body parts like:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Spine
  • Arm
  • Leg

A treatment plan for your injury will depend on the involvement and severity. After your consultation with a doctor, different methods of treatment may be suggested for your auto injury. Some of our more basic treatments like physical therapy or hot/cold packs are suggested. If your injuries are more serious, our physicians will walk you through the best treatment plan for you.

For some, your treatments may require multiple visits. We look forward to helping ease your pain over time and make your recovery as comfortable and easy as possible. Our helpful and friendly staff are available at several locations to begin the process of healing.

Back Pain

For those suffering from back pain, our trained staff of chiropractic physicians are waiting to help you relieve some of the strain in your back. Back pain should really be checked out as soon as possible, because it can lead to even worse pain and discomfort. Some patients recover on their own from a back pain case; other cases may grow into chronic back pain. Chronic back pain can be difficult to combat so taking care of the situation before it turns into something more serious is our goal!

Depending on our findings, we have different methods of treatment to get rid of that uncomfortable back pain. Doctors may suggest different methods including some of the following:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Concurrent Medical Management
  • Aerobic Routines
  • Massage Therapy
  • Cutaneous Stimulation

If you require a more invasive treatment, we will refer you to the appropriate physician or facility for the best treatment.

Discuss with your physician during your appointment what method of treatment you’re most comfortable with and what you feel would work best for your individual case of back pain. We’re here to put you at ease and make sure to suit your needs as much as possible.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an uncomfortable, painful issue for many people everyday. Affecting the wrist thumb, index, and middle fingers it causes numbness, pain and weakness in the hand. Are you one of the unlucky ones suffering from it?

Most often the cause of a patient’s carpal tunnel is unknown but some known reasons are:

  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis

In order to diagnose carpal tunnel, doctors might choose one of a few different options like physical tests and other in-depth medical tests to help show any abnormalities or rule out other issues.

In order to fight carpal tunnel, your doctor may suggest rest and isolation of your wrist along with an ice pack for at home or in the car. Small adjustments to your every day life may be necessary like lifting the height of your computer chair or getting a more supportive mouse pad or keyboard to use. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, different treatments may be suggested so ask your doctor which is going to work best for you!


Headaches are an annoying problem for everyone. For some, they are very short and are gone within a minute or two. Others, are not as lucky and they can last a long time. More serious headaches can cause severe pain and discomfort and can really put a strain on your life.

Try to give your doctor as much information about your headaches as possible. Different types of headaches include:

  • Dull, achy tension headaches
  • Throbbing, severe migraines
  • Cervical myofacial headaches
  • Cluster headaches
  • Chronic headaches

Dull, achy tension headaches can be brought on by stress, strain, and lack of sleep.

Throbbing, severe migraines can also bring on nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity.

Cluster headaches are headaches that occur for weeks at a time.

Chronic headaches are when headaches occur more than two weeks out of the month. Help your doctor by explaining exactly where the pain is occurring in your head and the type of pain you’re in whether its dull or sharp.

Leg Pain

Knee and leg pain is uncomfortable for everyone. For some it’s caused by a strain and the soreness goes away within a day or two. But for sharp or more acute leg pain lasting longer than a couple of days, chiropractic attention should be looked into.

Leg pain can be brought on by one of several causes:

  • Dehydration
  • Strain or tiredness from too much use
  • Pulled or stretched muscle
  • Blood Clot
  • Arthritis
  • Spinal Degeneration
  • Herniated Disc
  • Spinal Fractures
  • Low Back Pain/Strain
  • Infection
  • Tumors

If you’re experiencing leg pain and have already tried resting your leg, elevating it when possible, and icing it a few times a day, you may need to schedule an appointment with a doctor.  Prepare yourself with as much information about your leg pain symptoms. Make note of the following information:

  • Where is the pain occurring?
  • What kind of pain are you experiencing?
  • How often does the pain occur?
  • How long does the pain last?
  • How and when did the pain start?

The more information you can provide our chiropractic physician during your appointment, the better. Leg pain can be brought on by a lot of different things, and a consultation with one of our doctors is the first step towards getting rid of your pain for good!

Muscle Spasms

Involuntary muscle  spasms often happen randomly and are over quickly, but can be a real nuisance for those with more chronic symptoms

You may suffer muscle spasms for one of many reasons including the following:

  • Overuse of the Muscle
  • Dehydration and Lack of Fluids
  • Certain Diseases and Illnesses
  • Work or Auto Related Injuries

If you feel as though your muscle spasms are becoming more frequent or beginning to interfere with your daily routine, professional help should be sought.  Things to take note of to mention to the doctor:

  • How often do the spasms occur?
  • How long have the spasms been going on?
  • How long does each spasm last?
  • What area(s) of the body are the spasms occurring?
  • Have you been sick or taken any types of medication recently?

Neck Pain

Most of us have experienced some stiffness or soreness in our neck after falling asleep wrong or being cramped up in a tight space for a while. If you’re suffering from more severe symptoms, though, we’re here to help!

Common reasons behind neck pain include some of the following:

  • Age
  • Injury
  • Bad Posture
  • Arthritis
  • Work Related Injury
  • Motor Vehicle Injury

A physician will probably suggest rest or some type of therapy to get you back to feeling yourself. Treatments for neck pain may require several visits and our staff will make every attempt to make you feel at home at any of our several locations!

Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves are fairly common and typically will go away on their own or with a small amount of at home relief.  If your pain is becoming more frequent and unbearable, you should book an appointment with a chiropractic physician that’s familiar with your pinched nerve.

There’s different kinds of treatment for a pinched nerve your doctor might recommend you to try:

  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Manipulation
  • Use of hot and/or cold pack
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Traction

Treatments for pinched nerves are all aimed at trying to help relieve pain, numbness, spasms, and any other issues brought on by the aching nerve.

Post-Surgical Pain

Post-surgical pain is common for everyone, but unbearable for some. Pain after surgery is pretty common, because surgery is actually considered a trauma on your body and it can be really tough when you first get home to fight through it.

Taking care of post-surgery pain can help you recover faster and prevent any further complications. You may suffer from one or several different types of pain:

  • Muscle or throat pain
  • Soreness when mobile
  • Bone or joint pain
  • Pain near the incision


Suffering from pain in your lower back? Let one of our chiropractic physicians take a look at you. It’s possible you may be suffering from Sciatica which is inflammation and pain in your sciatic nerve (runs from your spinal cord to your leg). Sciatica can be caused by different conditions, syndromes, or from a herniated disc.

Sciatica can cause pain not just in your back put also in different parts of your hip, legs, or feet. Each person’s sciatica symptoms run differently and your case may cause you pain in only one or all of those places so pay close attention to any type of pain you notice and let our doctors know!

Typically affecting people in between the ages of 30-65, it can be brought on by accident or injury, rapid weight gain or pregnancy since it causes more pressure on your lower back.  Lifestyle behaviors like daily sitting on an awkward object in your pocket or spending much of your day standing, have been known to bring on pain and symptoms of sciatica.


Remember being pulled aside at some point in grade school to have your back looked at?  That was to check for scoliosis which is a condition common more in females than in males and can affect anyone from infants to adults. Curves in your spine are normal, but scoliosis is when there is an abnormal curve in your spine.

In most cases of scoliosis, there is no real known cause. In limited  cases, however, it has been linked to genetics, deformities, or other diseases or conditions present in the patient. Pretty common in children, because their bodies are still developing, kids are usually checked for scoliosis at some point in school.

Treatment for scoliosis usually involves either observation, a brace, or surgery to correct the issue. To figure out how significant your scoliosis is, make an appointment to help determine what the best method of treatment should be.

Slipped Disc

A disc can’t slip. But it can wedge, bulge, protrude, and herniate. Chiropractic care can help what many call a “slipped disc

Space for Nerves

The disc is a special cartilage between the bones of your spinal column. It attaches to the vertebra above and below it. This creates the separation between spinal bones so pairs of nerves can exit the spine.

Turning and Bonding

Each spinal disc has a jelly-like “ball bearing” core that is contained by bands of fibrous tissue. Healthy discs give you flexibility for normal turning and bending. Improper lifting, slips, falls, and car accidents can cause the core to shift:

Herniation- disc wedging narrows nerve openings. Obvious symptoms may not be present.

Protrusion- like  blister, the disc bulges where it is the weakest, causing nerve pressure.

Prolapse- with the cushioning and separating compromised by rupture, movement is painful.

Chiropractic First

Chiropractic has been a natural solution helping millions with a variety of disc problems. Sometimes a condition requires Spinal Decompression Therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does Chiropractic help disc problems?
  • Aren’t disc problems simply the normal aging process?
  • I didn’t do anything so how can a disc be involved?
  • Is surgery ever recommended for a slipped disc?

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are extremely common, especially amongst kids, teenagers, and young adults.  Some aren’t as bad, but some injuries can cause serious damage or problems if you don’t seek the right help when they happen. A Sports Injury can be  devastating for most athletes as it often means rehabilitation and time off from the sport. Our chiropractic physicians are skilled in getting you back in shape to be able to perform at your optimum level again.

Types of Sports Injury include:

  • Pulled/strained muscle
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Sprained tendons and ligaments
  • Sports hernia
  • Post Concussion Syndrome
  • Foot injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Shin splints

Injuries are becoming serious as the popularity in sports grows. A sports injury is very common in sports like football and basketball, but there is a rise in injuries amongst runners, cyclists, and other sports that require a high physical demand on specific parts of the body.  Feet injuries are very common amongst soccer players and athletes with a heavy demand on their feet, shins, and upward into their knees and hips.

Pay close attention to your sports injury and try to relieve some of the pain at home with rest, elevation in some cases, and a hot/cold compress. If symptoms continue, it may be time to see our doctor.

Wellness Care

Chiropractic wellness care involves preventing pain or discomfort with certain measures and treatments. Wellness care is becoming more popular with people trying to avoid life-changing conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. Don’t wait until it’s too late… take the steps to keep your body as healthy as possible.

Wellness care is also used to help keep your spine alignment in place. Some benefits towellness care with a chiropractor include:

  • More flexibility and mobility in your joints and spine
  • Better posture and energy
  • Relieving pressure on your spinal cord
  • Keeps your back healthy and prepared for “tweaks”

If you’re finding yourself relying heavily on medications to alleviate the pain or that your posture has been getting worse from long hours of sitting or standing, you should schedule an appointment with a chiropractic physician to discuss any wellness care that may be necessary in your situation.

Wellness care involves taking a look at your diet, mobility, exercise, and overall encouraging you to make healthier choices. Wellness care starts with YOU


Most known to happen during a car accident, whiplash is a spinal injury that happens from the sudden movement of your neck, head and spine when your vehicle is hit.

Recovery can be as quick as a couple of days or weeks but some severe cases may require a more in-depth method of treatment.
In some cases, the strain and soreness in your neck or other spine-related structures may turn into chronic pain that can be very tough to deal with and chiropractic care should be considered.

Whiplash causes physical stress like headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and blurred vision on top of the stiffness and soreness in your neck. It can also be blamed for trouble sleeping, irritability, and ringing in the ears. You know it’s time to see a doctor if you start noticing any pain, tingling, or numbness in your shoulder and arm or if it becomes painfully difficult to move your head.

Work Related Injuries

Our locations throughout Connecticut provide care for anyone suffering from work related injuries. For those having difficulties making it back to work or performing at 100% when you’re there, our chiropractic physicians will make sure your employer is aware of your medical status and your full potential at work.

Injuries to your body from repetitive behaviors or heavy lifting at work can be examined by one of our trained chiropractic physicians to figure out how severe your work related injury may be and the best method of treatment to help take care of the pain. For some, therapy may be all you need, but in more severe cases the doctor may discuss with you other options.

Call us at any of our nine convenient locations if you have any of the above ailments.